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Introducing Spectrum Success 911

Spectrum Success 911 is a Nonprofit Organization (501c3) that uses a holistic approach to champion individuals living on the Spectrum, as well as their family members. In addition to advocacy, Spectrum Success 911 connects families to community resources and organizations to assist with supporting their families’ needs.

Via Programs using Peer Support Best Practices, Spectrum Success 911 empowers families by modeling how to use everyday activities in a therapeutic way to promote strength-based language and engagement, helping families to understand that you do not have to be a therapist to do something therapeutically!

What We Provide Programs We Offer

Being #1 comes and goes. However, being 1st in history is our goal along our journey! "Breaking Cycles and Creating a New Path Conspicuously for Us by Us!"

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Autistic Ambassadors

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Finding Hope After Violence

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YES NSW (Youth Exercising Solidarity in SW Philly)

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Peer Family Coaching

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Public Speaking Scheduling

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

Our Mission is to empower individuals and their families, acting as co-discoverers with them as they develop their voices, vocalize their choices and cultivate self-efficacy along their journey.

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