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Becoming advocates for the spectrum community

Autistic Ambassadors program is designed for individuals who are 12-26 years old living with a diagnosis and/or are on the spectrum. Siblings are invited to also atttend and the bonus part is that participants can feel free to be their true authentic selves without shame, blame or judgement! The curriculum was created by using: Peer Support Best Practices, employment consciousness & preparation skills, a Navigating Safe and Healthy Relationships curriculum, along with life skills, modeling/identifying social cues, and push in support from partnering community organizations e.g. (AJ Drexel Autism Institute, CHOP LEND Fellows, Developmental Pediatricians, and Researchers to name a few).
Participants transparency will empower their peers and allow them to see and hear the resilience of each other during the program. Behavior is contagious is the foundation, and the goal is that participantss will empower each other as they are developing their voices, vocalizing their choices and cultivating self-efficacy along their journey!
Spectrum Success 911, along with parent volunteers and college students acting as mentors have been operating since July 18th 2021.
My goal if granted is to connect the participants with jobs (if applicable) after 12 weeks (3 months) of life transformation empowerment coaching as they work independently on their identified goals collectively using a team building approach. Participants will learn how to identify their triggers and self de-escalate while building self efficacy and advocacy. Also including financial literacy, budgeting, opening up a bank account and dissemination of monies into an Earned, Savings and Donations category. In addition to successfully managing and maintaining sustainability of all monies and resources on a monthly basis.

The Mission of this program is to empower marginalized individuals living on the Spectrum and providing them with skills that will coach participants and reinforce the skills they obtain, building self-advocacy as well as self-efficacy.

The Goal is to present these skills in a way that is comprehensible (based on their limitations and/or diagnosis) along with obtaning knowledge that aids sustainability.

FREE Breakfast and lunch will be available daily.
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